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Sian Patterson is a Glasgow-based ceramicist designing and making thrown stoneware pieces. Her work is characterised by a quiet precision and gentle abstraction, with an increasing focus on texture and colour.

A wide range of influences and references informs Sian’s work - from Victorian pharmaceutical and preserving bottles to the still lives of Giorgio Morandi and seventeenth century paintings of Dutch domestic interiors. A central preoccupation is a keen sensitivity to surface, colour and light, an interest in formal groupings, and an atmosphere of familiarity.

Recent work has drawn inspiration from the urban landscape and has focused particularly on mark-making techniques using coloured slips. The New York series explores the relationship between inside and outside and the idea of containment, whilst the particular connections and reflections between land, sky and water in Venice form the basis for a second series.

The act of making by hand is absolutely central to Sian's practice - every piece is wheel thrown, trimmed and glazed individually, and stamped with a makers mark and year of production.